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What is a BiG Head

What does it mean to be a BiG Head?

Being a BiG Head is about an exaggerated belief in the personal responsibility for and importance of ones own health.

As a BiG Head I believe:

  • In taking personal responsibility for my health and wellness. I recognize that there is a fitting role for medical professionals and fitness experts in my life, but understand that they can not “fix” me or do the work for me.
  • In taking personal responsibility to resolve the environmental issues that affect my health and wellness on a personal level, such as being proactive in the food choices I allow in my home.
  • That life is too short to stress about the small stuff, so I do what I can, the best I can, and seek to enjoy life to its fullest. Things are not always going to be easy, but I know that things worth having in life are worth working hard for.
  • That health and wellness is a way of life, not a one-time destination. I expect there to be ups and downs along the way and know I can only reach my goals with the support and help of others. Recognizing the role of and need for a positive and supportive community, I do my best to encourage and educate others in reaching their goals.
  • That true fitness and wellness comes in all shapes, sizes, and activities. I recognize the beauty in the diversity of body images and abilities. I applaud the effort of all who are willing to take control of their lives, because I know how hard it can be. I exercise and put my body into motion, not to look like an airbrushed cover model or steroid freak, but to be the best that I can be physically and mentally.

You might be a BiG Head if:

  • You have ever been called a “Health Nut” for what you eat.
  • You know that carbohydrates, fat, and proteins have different caloric values.
  • You know that your BMI is only a number and not who you are.
  • You believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • You have a life that doesn’t go on hold so you can exercise, but you still find time to be active.
  • You prefer to bring your own food to work, rather than live off of vending machines and fast food.
  • You go for a run or walk to deal with stress.
  • You have tried all the diets and fitness fads and are ready to be the captain of your own ship.
  • You load your plate with “green stuff” at the salad bar.
  • You have ever entered a race simply for the personal challenge.
  • You judge your fitness lifestyle by the positive steps you take forward.
  • You felt the fear of entering a health club and did it anyway.
  • You look for any reason to get outdoors.
  • You recognize that it’s up to you to take responsibility for your health and wellness.
  • You enjoy the health benefits of laughter in your life.

Do you have a BiG Head moment you would like to add to the list? Contact us today with your “You might be a BiG Head if” moment.

BiG Heads come from all walks of life.

IT Professional &
Outdoor Enthusiast
Peter Olsen – Boston, Ma

Super Mom & Amateur Triathlete
Rena Spence – Chesapeake, VA


Bio Tech Professional &
Lifestyle Transformation Champion
Ann Bonsett – Waltham, MA

Golf Conditioning Expert
Pat Britton – Syracuse, NY

BiG Head Reviews:

"As a golf conditioning expert, the easy part is showing a client how a movement or change to an exercise program will help their game. Often the challenge is trying to convince them that a particular movement will not affect performance negatively! The 'Not Another Guru' is the best I've seen at explaining simple concepts and principles regarding movement and all aspects of health, and dispelling ALL of the popular misconceptions regarding fitness. Thanks Hank!"

— Pat Britton, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES, Britton Athletic Development

“After hitting a plateau and staying there for four months I read the chapters on interval training and plateaus, after that the weight just came off. Hank’s examples and illustrations just make it so easy to understand.”

— Rena Spence, Super Mom & Amateur Triathlete


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