BigHeadFitness the unifying force of the fitness world

What’s up with the name?

The genesis of the name came during the creation of the “BiG Head” icons. They were created to represent the tools of the Health and Wellness Portfolio™. However, these simply designed icons also symbolize individuals whose heads are filled with the universal principles and knowledge they need to successful live a healthy lifestyle, and as such symbolize the true heart and mission of the company as a whole, “Simplicity” and “Knowledge.”

It is important to understand that being a BiG Head is very different from having a big head. Having a big head implies being conceited and egotistical with an exaggerated belief in one's own importance. However, being a BiG Head is about an exaggerated belief in taking personal responsibility for ones own health!

At BiG Head Fitness we want people to realize that living a healthy and active life does not have to be a complicated or esoteric experience. We want people to know that it is within their power to have the knowledge and ability to navigate the fitness world they live in!