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Who are the BiG Heads?

The BiG Heads are six icons that symbolize the six tools of the Health and Wellness Portfolio™: Diet, Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, Body Awareness, and Range of Motion, and Mental Health.

Diet Diet Dan: What and how you eat has a tremendous effect on the way you look and feel. Diet Dan wants to show you that understanding the basics can go a long way towards setting yourself free from restrictive diets and domineering gurus. “Becoming food savvy, not superstitious!,” is Diet Dan’s battle cry.
Cardio Cardio Carol: “20 minutes, 3 times per week,” right? Cardiovascular training plays an important role in keeping your waistline in check and keeping your heart and lungs in topnotch shape. Cardio Carol is ready to give you the know-how on how to maximizing your training so that you can save hours of time and unneeded effort in reaching your goals.
Resistance Resistance Ralph : Increasing and maintaining bone density and lean body mass, along with making daily activities easier are just a few of the benefits resistance training that Ralph wants to share with you. If you think using dumbbells or weight machines are your only options, spend a little time with Resistance Ralph and see what you have been missing.
Body Awareness Body Awareness Betty: We live in a three dimensional, multi-input world. Body Awareness Betty will show you activities to help keep you nimble and fluid, both mentally and physically. Knowing how to incorporate these activities into your life will allow you to dance the “Funky Chicken” well into your golden years.
Range of Motion Range of Motion Ricardo: Do you have general aches, pains, and stiffness in the morning or throughout the day? Not quite able to get that golf swing as far back as you would like? These are just a few problems that Ricardo can to teach you how to address. He’ll show you how and why keeping your joints healthy and mobile takes more than just going into a “stretch.”
Mental Health Mental Health Mary: Having ways to create mental stillness in this world of information and input overload is essential. Knowing ways to optimize our brain’s potential for higher levels of creativity and problem solving are also a bonus in both work and play. Mental Health Mary wants to share with you all the tips, tricks, and research that will help you maximize your mental ability and relaxation.