BigHeadFitness the unifying force of the fitness world

So you’re starting a revolution?

BiG Head Fitness is not looking to create a revolutionary new fat loss product or program. BiG Head Fitness wants to start a revolution.

We want to start a revolution that says no to:

  • The cluttering of the public domain with skewed and misleading information on health and wellness.
  • Quick-fix scams that put both your pocketbook and health at risk.
  • Body images airbrushed into someone else’s perfection.

We want to start a revolution that says yes to:

  • Straightforward, reliable, and safe information that helps people reach their fitness goals.
  • Creating a web of resources and information that helps people live a healthy and full life.
  • The beauty in the diversity of body images.

The battle cry of the BiG Head Fitness revolution is,
“Simplify, Unify, Take Action!”

Simplify: Boil down time-tested, scientifically valid principles in a way that makes them understandable, accessible, and applicable to everyday people’s goals and lives.

Unify: Create a means to unite people with the resources, products, and professionals they need to solve their problems and reach their goals.

Action: Help people kick-start and maintain a series of positive behaviors that lead to a lifetime of health and well-being.

The goal of BiG Head Fitness is to help you see the fitness world in a completely new way. We are here to help you create your own “fat loss miracle.” We are here to help you discover, with complete amazement, how easy it is to create your own healthy lifestyle. We believe that life is too short to try to live someone else’s lifestyle when you can build your own and have more fun doing it.

With an understanding of the tools organized by the Health and Wellness Portfolio™ and by utilizing the resources on, you will save time, energy, and money reaching your fitness and wellness goals. is a growing web of resources that allows you to quickly find the products and information necessary to create a personalized solution for your needs.

By joining the BiG Head Fitness revolution you will:

  • Gain an empowering understanding of the “Diet and Exercise Game.”
  • Learn how to sort through the onslaught of information to find the people, products, and resources you need.
  • Know how to create and execute long and short-term fitness and wellness goals.
  • Be able to adapt your needs to changing resources and circumstances.
  • Do all of this and so much more in such a way that you understand what you are doing and why!

We are here to help you take control of your fitness future! Help us help you. Please contact us and let us know what information and resources you need to create and manage your Health and Wellness Portfolio™. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Hank DeGroat
Founder and President
BiG Head Fitness Inc.