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Exercise Library


Range of MotionIf you are looking to get the kinks out, maintain those youthful joints or regain a little youth, search here to find the appropriate joint loosening, muscle stretching, exercise.

PushEfficiently and effectively work your chest, triceps, and shoulders with these time tested exercises.

PullHelp relieve upper back and neck pain and develop strong, tone arms and back muscles with each of these functional exercises.

SquatHit your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves from a variety of angles with these leg blasting exercises.

Lateral MovementLooking to target those inner thighs, hips, and glutes and keep you hips healthy? Try a few of these lateral movements to get the job done in no time flat.

Trunk/CoreHere you will find dozens of exercises designed to strengthen all of your abdominal and low back muscles and teach them to work more efficiently with the rest of your body.

How To Use The Exercise Library

  • The exercise library is designed to help you master the basics and graduate to being an advanced practitioner. All exercise are organized into one of six categories to make it easy to create efficient and effective workouts to meet your goals.
  • Each exercises is categorized as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exercise, making it easy to find an appropriate exercise for your current fitness level and challenge you with the next step.
  • Lets Get Started! Click on the desired category above to find the strength building, muscle toning, coordination and suppleness developing, exercises you are looking for!