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Body Fat and Nutritional Profile

Use the numbers generated below to help create a custom nutritional profile. Help eliminate the guess work on how much you need to eat each day and track the numbers that really matter in your quest for ultimate health and great fitting jeans! Click here to learn more.


Measurements (Used to find lean body mass and create suggested nutritional profile)


Take the following measurements. Try to be accurate within a .25'' or .5cm

  • Abdomen (Men Only) - Horizontal at the level of the navel
  • Waist (Women Only) - Horizontal , at the level of minimal abdominal witdh
  • Hips (Women Only) - Largest horizontal circumference around the hips
  • Neck (Both) - Inferior to the larynx with the tape sloping slightly downward to the front.
  • Height (Both) - without shoes
Enter the data in the appropriate form below:
(If you are unable to take accurate measurement at this time
please enter in your best estimate and update your entries at a later time)
* Abdomen: * Hips:
* Height: * Waist:
* Neck: * Neck:
    * Height:
* Your Weight:    
* What is your activity level? (Please select one):



Cardio Calculator

Stop hurting yourself by doing to much too quickly or not getting the results you want because you are not doing enough. Maximize your workouts and break through plateaus by knowing how hard you need to work and when you need to train harder. The Cardio Calculator is designed to build a progressive six week cardiovascular program based on your current level of activity. Click here to learn more.

Current Cardio Workout:
How many times a week:     Intensity value from Scale:
How many minutes per sessions:
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    Current weekly workload:
How many
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How many
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