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How to Hire a Personal Training Professional and Get More Than You Paid For

This report is designed to first help you understand the role a personal training professional (PTP) can play in helping you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Then it will show you how you can maximize that relationship so that you "Get More than You Paid For."

  • The report is broken into six major sections:
  • Is personal training right for me?
  • What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Training Professional?
  • 5 Things You Must Do Before Hiring a Personal Training Professional.
  • 10 Must Ask Questions For Your Potential Personal Training Professional.
  • 3 Post Interview Questions That Make the Decision Easy.
  • 6 Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Personal Trainer and How to Avoid Them.

At the end of the report you will find an easy-to-use worksheet. You can use it to organize and guide you through the decision making process of hiring a PTP and getting more than you paid for. Let's get started!

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