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Cardiovascular Training


Heart Rate Monitors

Polar FS2

There are a limitless number of heart rate monitoring options. The FS2 by Polar gives you the basic features to monitor your workout intensity:

  • Manual target zone
  • Visual and audible alarm in target zone
  • Exercise time/Average and Maximum heart rate of exercise.
  • Time of day/Stopwatch
  • Backlight

Polar F6

For those looking for a more feedback then the FS2 provides the F6 by Polar is a great step up. It gives you all the must have features without confusing you with the extra bells and whistles you never use.

All the features of the FS2 plus:

  • Automatic age-based target zone.
  • Time in target zone
  • Polar OwnZone determines personal heart rate limits.
  • PolarOwnCal counts and displays calorie expenditure.
  • Coded transmission prevents interference.

Getting Things Going at Home

Amazon has thousands of DVDs that can turn your TV into a home gym in minutes

What to try before you buy? Checkout your local library’s selection of videos or visit Created by and for home exercise enthusiasts. Whether you need help choosing a fitness video or some support and motivation, is a great place to start.


Taking it to the Street, Mountain, and Pool Don’t let the name fool you. This is a great site for runners and walkers alike. Whether you want to walk or run a marathon, do a 5k for a PR, is packed with expert advice. The “Where Does it Hurt” feature found on the Mind Body page is a wonderful link.

Looking for a race? Click Here If you are looking for a fun and low impact way to keep up with the kids or put your body into motion for performance or pleasure, bicycling is a great way to go.

Looking for a race, ride, or trails? Click Here Looking for a little off-road adventure? can help introduce you into this growing sport. From weekend cruises enjoy the country side, to adrenaline pumped, knuckle whitening downhill races, you will find all you need at this great site.

Looking for a race or trails? Click Here


United States Masters Swimming Masters Swimming is a successful blend of fitness and competitive swimming for adults (18 years of age and over). This site provides links to clubs, clinics, competitions and workshops across the United States. Individuals who find it difficult to stick with a self-imposed routine may find the support and friendships of a local Master Swimming group is just what they need to keep things moving in the right direction.

Looking for a pool? Click Here

Gearing Up: Indoor Basics

Magic Speed Jump Rope

  • Patented swivel-bearing system.
  • 9'6" adjustable licorice style rope.
  • Foam padded handles.
  • 10 min. Jump Rope Program included

Aero-Speed Jump Rope

  • Ultra-fast, perfectly balanced.
  • Patented swivel system virtually eliminates friction.
  • 9'6" adjustable rope.
  • Instructions included.

Weighted Jump Ropes

  • Solid rubber with foam covered swivel ball bearing-like action.
  • Each is 9' long.

The Step

The original fitness step system:

  • Stacking risers allow for adjustable heights, accomodating beginner to advanced exercisers.
  • Extra large stepping surface is 40"L x 14"W
  • Adjusts to 4", 6", or 8" high.
  • Includes two pair of risers.

Goaler One Roll-up Slide Board

  • Lightweight, adjustable, and will not move!
  • The G1 Slide Boards lay flat on any surface and will not buckle or move.
  • Patented end stops hold the entire foot surface on the slide board at all times.
  • Use on either hard or carpeted surfaces.
  • Includes two end stops, two rotating discs, carry bag, training video and slide board booties.


Gearing Up: Specialty Apparel is a clothing company that seeks to inspire women’s participation in sport and physical activity. Their Title Nine's Starting Block program provides funds for small grassroots organizations that are good at getting at-risk girls off the sidelines and onto the fields.