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Resistance Training

  • At Home Basics: Most of us never need to move more than our own bodyweight. Here are a few great DVDs, books, and videos that will help you maintain your lean body mass, bone density, and make every day activates a breeze.
  • Creative Alternatives: Kettlebells are a great alternative if you have outgrown your own body weight, or find yourself bored with dumbbells, barbells, and machines. A great at home alternative as well.
  • Gearing Up: From balls and bands, weighted vest and dumbbells, to Pilates Reformers, you’ll find what you need for all your at home resistance training needs. Balls and Bands, Weighted Vest and Dumbbells
  • Feed Your Head: Take your resistance training knowledge to a new level by adding a few of these titles to your library.

At Home Basics

Yoga Strength DVD

Strength Building Yoga DVD
by Gaiam

This program is an ideal complement to class instruction. DVD version includes bonus workout, on-screen pose guide and instructor interview.

Postnatal Yoga DVD Postnatal Yoga DVD
by Gaiam

Respected yoga expert and mother Shiva Rea designed this program specifically for new moms. Postnatal program teaches yoga moves to restore muscle tone and strength, ease strain from carrying baby, and help mom and child bond with yoga that includes baby. 60 minutes.

AM-PM Yoga for Beginners DVD AM / PM Yoga For Beginners DVD
by Gaiam

Face your day with more focus and calm after a gentle yet energizing workout with Rodney Yee. Then in the P.M., release stress and tension under a spectacular Death Valley sunset with Patricia Walden. 100 minutes.

Baron Baptiste: Live - Core Power (2001)
DVD ~ Baron Baptiste
dvd Baron Baptiste: Live - Unlocking Athletic Power (2001)
DVD ~ Baron Baptiste
Strength Ball Training
by Lorne Goldenberg, Peter Twist
Pilates on the Ball
by Colleen Craig

Creative Alternatives

From Russia with Tough Love
Pavel's Kettlebell Workout for a Femme Fatale

With Pavel Tsatsouline
Featuring Andrea Du Cane and D.C. Maxwell

image The Russian Kettlebell Challenge
Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports


The Art of Strength Newport

The Art of Strength Fire Power

The Art of Strength Providence

  • “The Art of Strength” video series is NOT another instructional video. Fantastic resources for learning the basic kettlebell exercises already exist on the market. You probably have a collection of them on your shelf. “The Art of Strength” represents the next step, offering you complete circuits honed to perfection with hundreds of clients at Punch Gym and abroad.
  • In “The Art of Strength” video series, Diluglio works along with you through two minute rounds of the most intense, unique, and interesting exercises ever seen on film. 1 minute breaks between each round makes this a 42 minute workout to fit the busiest of schedules. If you have the guts, take a stab at the 3 minute “bonus round”.

Anthony Diluglio - DVDS


Cast Iron Kettlebells

  • Portable! Kettlebells are heavy but compact. Use indoors and outside.
  • Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance.
  • Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles
  • Increases your dynamic flexibility
  • Off-centered weight of kettlebells increases the demand placed on core stabilization, agility, and proprioception
  • Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snathches, rotational swings and more.
  • Available in 6 different weights 4kg (8.8lbs.), 8kg (17.6lbs.), 12kg (26.4lbs.), 16kg (35.2lbs.), 20kg (44lbs.), 24kg (52.8lbs.)

Gearing Up: Balls and Bands

Stability Balls

Also called Swiss Balls, Fitness Balls, and Exercise Balls) are constructed of latex-free vinyl material with a diameter of around 30 to 85cm (12 to 34 inches).

  • Improves proprioception, balance and stability
  • Helps develop the core body muscles by forcing the body to respond to the the instability of the ball.
  • Can be used in place of a chair to help maintain proper posture as it engages the abdominal and back muscles.
  • Develops strength in all planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, and transverse) which helps improve overall functional strength and decrases the chance of injury.
  • Holds up to 900 lbs.
  • Download the Stability Ball Exercise Sheet

Professional Exercise Tubing With Handles

Special! When you buy any 3 Lifeline Professional Bands, Perform Better will send you 1 Level 3 Band for FREE!

  • 5' durable rubber tubing with hard plastic swivel handles, up to 10 Levels of Resistance
  • Use for pushing and pulling exercises
  • Tubing provides a smoother exercise through the entire range of motion.
  • Portable! Tubing weighs less than 2 lbs so can be taken anywhere!
  • Includes door anchor and exercise poster
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Use for assisted chin ups and dips
  • Use for pushing and pulling exercises
  • Tubing provides a smoother exercise through the entire range of motion
  • Also provide resistance for walks, shuffles, lunges and more
  • 1 year warranty

Jungle Gym XT

  • The Jungle Gym is a versatile, portable, adjustable device for bodyweight Exercises.
  • Simple attach over the top of a door, affix to wall, or loop over a pole or thick tree limb.
  • Use for chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-up flys, body rows, assisted chin-ups and more.
  • Adjust handles to desired length to increase or decrease the difficulty of an exercise.
  • Jungle Gym is Completely portable. Weighs about 1 lb.

Gearing Up: Weighted Vest and Dumbbells

Weighted Exercise Vests

If you have mastered your body weight, adding a weighted vest to your routine can be a great way to take it to the next level.

Weighted exercise vests are used in all aspects of training and rehab. From speed development to osteoporosis prevention, weighted training vests add additional resistance to the body without having an adverse effect on mechanics and posture.


Ankle / Wrist Weights Set 

Ankle or wrist eights are a great way to pick up the intensity of any body weight resistance program.

  • All weights are removable.
  • Touch fastener Velcro closure creates a perfect fit.
  • Contour-foam cushioned fit provides friction-free comfort.
  • One size fits all


Space savers! Store the equivalent to a room full of dumbbells in less than a 2' x 2' area!

  • Adjustable dumbbell system uses a selector pin to change weights, much like a weight stack machine.
  • Durable! 10 year warranty

Feed Your Head

Supertraining - Mel Siff

Perhaps the most complete book on strength training ever written! Covers explosive strength, power, speed training, polymetrics, loading, flexibility, circuit training, periodization, weightlifting and much more.


Facts and Fallacies of Fitness - Mel Siff

Siff exposes a number of ideas accepted as gospel in the fitness and sport world are fallacy. He investigates hundreds of beliefs in a concerned attempt to guide professionals and exercise enthusiast.